10 Techniques to Develop Your Article Writing Skills

There is no fast fix short cut way to either writing articles or developing your article writing skill, but the following 10 ideas will help you to improve your writing skills and may help to make the process of writing articles a little easier and more effective.

1. Read other articles – One of the best ways of improving the quality of your own writing, whether its writing articles, copy or fiction, is to read other people’s writing. If you only ever focus on your own writing then you can easily find yourself becoming stale and limited. Increase your creativity and imagination by reading other people’s articles.

2. Write, write and continue writing – No bodybuilder became strong by just thinking about lifting weights. If you want to improve your writing abilities and improve your writing talent then you humbly need to write. Write as much as you can, as often as you can. You don’t always have to be writing articles for publication – sometimes you may feel like only writing your own private thoughts down. But the more you write, the better your writing is prospective to become.

3. Read dropped response – If your article has been failing for whatever reason, don’t feel disheartened, because you’ve just been set free advice on how to expand your own article writing. Read the comments, and see what you could do to develop your article writing for next time. Treat failure articles as learning opportunities, not disappointments.

4. Proofread – It astonishes how many articles have failed for silly reasons, and how many articles fail to accomplish anything, because of a failure to proofread. I was freshly approached by someone who couldn’t fairly work out why his article wasn’t achieving very much, The fact that his main keyword had been misspelled in the title was one main reason. If you’re not going to check the quality of your writing, then doesn’t that determine to the reader how boring and insignificant you feel it is?

5. Begins with a title – Sometimes it can be helpful to begins with a title. Many article writers do this as a matter of course, with others writing the title at the end. If you’re one of the latter, then try giving yourself more attention with a tight title to work from. Focus can do great things for improving the quality of your articles.

6. Create a structure – Often articles feel a little loose and unfocused. A good way of improving the quality of your article and tightening it up is to work to a structure. Either plan a structure yourself, or use a template structure available on the web (such as those on EzineArticles.com) to help sharpen up the whole article.

7. Forget keywords – One of the main reasons why many articles fail to demand is because the writer focused more on his keywords than his audience. Attempt writing your article, totally forgetting about your keywords. You’ll be shocked how often they end up in your writing anyway if it’s focused on the subject well, and you can always edit your article later and pop a couple in.

8. Concentrate on your reader – Try printing off a photograph of somebody from the internet, and sticking it in front of your monitor. Now write your article, but possess looking them in the eye. Imagine they’re your only reader, and you’re writing straight for them. This will help make your article sound more genuine, more sincere, and more focused on the reader than you.

9. Be your own writer – Too often article writers try to emulate the style of writing they see within other people’s articles. Don’t. Everyone has their own natural voice, and if you try to write in a style which doesn’t come naturally to you, the whole article will sound peculiar. Find your own style, and use it.

10. Selection of writing – We can all get a tiny stale at times, so try varying the style of writing. For instance, why not write your article as though it was an interview with someone? If you always write in the third person, try writing in the first person. If you’re usually very serious, try inserting a little wit. Varying the style and method of article writing can often help.

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