Book Marketing

What if you were one month away from having a best selling book? What would it mean to you? Would it change your life style? Would you change the way you spend your days? Would you be willing to work harder for one month to achieve such a miraculous feat?I have written poems and stories for more than 45 years. My first book was independently published in 2000, my second in 2001, my third in 2005, my fourth in 2007, my 6th in 2008 and my 7th in 2009. I have never promoted my books other than through speaking until my 6th book. So why does it make a difference?I’ve taken more than ten to twelve courses on writing, book marketing and promotions. It wasn’t however until a few weeks ago that I put all the pieces together. So here are the pieces: write a book, (or write an ebook or have someone write it for you), then get people to buy the book.Right? Well it sounds like a good plan, but if it were so easy, why hasn’t everyone who has written a book sold thousands of copies of their books? There’s more than 150,000 new books published each year and less than 1% every make more than 5,000 sells, which is considered the bare minimum to be a success as an author.

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