Cover Design

I use local artists for my book covers, they are typically very creative! Ask small local printers who they would recommend, interview two or three and look through their portfolio to determine their style. You’ll find someone compatible with your preferences. I also use could take anywhere from two weeks to a month depending on how many times you have to request changes. Do not settle for something you’re not going to be happy with!If you’re on a low budget, visit a Community College Art Department and ask the instructor who they might recommend.3. LayoutThe pagination was the hardest part. Fortunately all publishers accept the final copy in a continuous form. Page numbers need to be included as well as headers and footers. Once the copy (galley) is complete, you need to make a .pdf with the typefaces included. If you have pictures or illustrations, be sure they are of the proper quality to reproduce for the best quality.Find a book you have that you like and follow the layout to see what’s typically included.Page 1 and all chapter beginnings are always on the right hand side, you might have blank even pages prior to a new chapter.This is the time you want to select a type face and a finished book size. Typically 6 x 9 is the ideal as most book stores arrange their shelves to this size.Chapter titles and headings should be in a San Serif (clean characteristics) and body type is usually in a Serif (accentuated by feet characteristics). It’s much easier to read and identify word groupings.You should allow 1″ inside margin and 3/4″ to 1″ top bottom and outside margins. This allows for the trimming process. Again, look at booksthat appeal you. But whatever you do, decide before you start writing your book. It’s a great deal of trouble to go back and rearrange the layout.

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