The editing is a tricky aspect. Do not edit the book or read it until you have finished the very last page or at least at the completion of each chapter. It’s one of the easiest pitfalls in being an author. You could spend all of your time editing and never complete your book.Print the book one-side and double spaced for editing purposes. Give copies to several friends who you trust to have the ability to be objective and provide you with the type of feedback which will make your book a stronger masterpiece.Have them read through it and make suggestion in the margins, everyone has their own perception of what sounds right and their personal experience will make it unique. Follow your own style, but be sure to be open their suggestions.You will use several editors through the process. One is the copy editor who reads for typos, wrong words (their instead of there), proper capitalization, hyphenation, etc. You can find editors through elance or writing clubs locally. Be sure to sample their work before engaging them. The next editor is the content editor. They read for consistencies. Do you refer to a “group” in the same manner. Is a concept easy to follow.  I think I paid a total of $2,300 for all the editing, but the bulk of the nitty-gritty (how it was perceived) was provided by the ten friends I gave my manuscript.

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