First thing is to decide on the topic and then go to to secure a website name that is relevant to the topic. Then go to and sign up for an account. They start at $4/month.Hang on to your writer’s cap because this is going to absolutely amaze you.1. Decide if you’re going to write a book, an ebook or if you’re going to hire someone to write it for you. Ask yourself if you haven’t completed your book at this point, why not just hire someone to write it for you?2. If you decide to do an ebook and you don’t know where to get the material you have a couple of choices.a. Hire a writer locallyb. Hire a freelance writer on elance or Craig’s Listc. Find an out of print book (20 years old at least) and scan3. Whether you hire a writer or a freelance writer to write your own material, you’ll need to create an outline and itemize each chapter for what you want your material to be.

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