If you choose to find an out of print book, you can find more than 31 million results on Google to find something that will complement you. I went to and searched by “self help” and there were 83,000.What I want to find is a book that is 40 or more years old and it doesn’t have an ISBN (how books are tracked). Usually you can find 20,000 or more under $5, but finding the one that is 40 plus years old is going to take a little more work.5. Once you find the book you’ll want to scan in the book and then go to either elance or Craig’s List and have a cover designed for the book. Once you have the book in a word file, you can upload it to any Print on Demand site (POD). My 208 page book with 4-color cover costs $6 per book POD and $10 for hard cover printed overseas with a minimum order of 1,000 copies.6. The next step is simple but somewhat time consuming. First, pick a date 6 weeks out on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for the launch of your book campaign.

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