I have a preference towards very white paper and a 70# stock which is thick enough you can’t see the type of the next page bleeding through. With the advent of Print on Demand (POD) most online services offer this paper, but be aware there are still a few who use the old fashioned yellow paper.The main thing is you want to make sure the paper is heavy enough so you can’t see the print on from the next page while you’re reading it.I also have seen books on textured paper but I’m not a fan. So be sure you go by your local bookstore and see what papers appeal to you.7. PrintingIt is worth your while to get a laser printer – they’re  about $200 at Fry’s or most computer stores. You can also look on Ebay. to find great deals. The main criteria is to print your manuscript so it won’t run if it gets damp.Print a proof copy single sided to make it easier for comments and ample room for suggestions to be left in the margins.At least you’ll be know you can print your book if you need to. But with Print On Demand (POD) the book prices are now so reasonable, you really don’t have to print your own proof copy.

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