The discipline of writing your book has to come from your desire to have a finished product and a belief in what knowledge you have that you want the general public to be aware.At first, I forced myself to write 20 pages a week. I could only write two pages an hour with the first book. It was a painstaking ordeal. Then two months from my “drop-dead” (no more excuses) date, I started writing 20 pages a day on the weekends and five pages a day during the week. I literally did not come up for air the last two months.I find I can accomplish much more with a deadline. You might find otherwise. Regardless, find your comfort zone and embrace it. If you find it’s easier for you to complete your  research before you start writing, fine! If it’s easier to write on a legal pad and then type it, fine! Maybe you’re like I am and find the easiest process is to simply apply myself the chair and begin to type! It doesn’t matter, as long as you are continually making progress.My second book took three weeks start to finish. Not bad, but it takes a major commitment and more hours than most are willing and able to dedicate. My third book took three and a half years. So, the range of time is drastic. I know an author who spent ten years writing his book.

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